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Download BullVPN
for Chrome

BullVPN for Chrome Extension

BullVPN adds the extension of Chrome Extension, making it easy to use on Chrome. Easy to install. Use it as Let's look at the installation and use steps.

Add extension BullVPN 

How to use Bull VPN for Chrome Extension

1. Register Confirm email and installation Chrome extension


The program BullVPN will show the upper right corner of the Browser Chrome. First, click on the icon. It will appear on the program screen.

 2. Login Username + Password who signed up with BullVPN properly. 


 3. select the Server that you want after that click on Connect. Notice that the Icon BullVPN will change color.


How to use the server VPN?

It will appear Server VPN. Please choose your country. If you request other countries please let us know.

Server VPN in BullVPN

VPN Thailand

VPN Singapore

VPN China

VPN Japan

VPN Hong Kong

VPN Korea

VPN Germany

VPN Vietnam

VPN Indonesia

VPN Russia

VPN Malaysia

VPN Brazil

VPN Australia

VPN Philippines

VPN United Kingdom


VPN Taiwan



 When the connection was completed. It will be like the photo.

 If you have any BullVPN problem from Chrome Extension. You can inform us know as soon as possible. Moreover, you can check the IP that it was connected or not at our website


BullVPN is the best way for unblocking websites. Especially adjust the Internet effectively.

✅ Hide your IP address 

✅ Access blocked websites

✅ VPN servers in 50 Servers in 15 countries.

✅ Lag reduced and ping Games

✅ Supports Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android, Chrome Extension

✅ Trusted by over a hundred thousand users worldwide

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